Mortal Machines on Tapas!

I originally uploaded Mortal Machines on 10 July, 2017. (Technically, it was the Sunday before that. Through a lot of misunderstanding, I accidentally uploaded it as a comic but then changed it into a novel. Anyway!) However, as with what happened with Machinations, I wasn’t pleased with what I had made thus far. I took it down, and since February of this year, I’ve been steadily rewriting the chapters.

There’s something special about this series. Mortal Machines is a sci-fi novel with giant robots, LGBT themes, and space exploration. The first few chapters contain a prologue and character introductions. However, this universe contains a lot of world building and rich backstory that I’m excited to share with you all.

The current update schedule is every other Sunday. However, once I start getting my groove back, I’m hoping to increase the uploads to every other Saturday and Sunday or something of that description. That’s a bit far off in the future, but I’m doing my best to work hard!

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